Tradition for a new Generation

Twin Hills Farm was born when twin brothers Kevin and Russell Radonovich and their families became convinced that eating farm fresh fruits and vegetables would contribute to a much healthier lifestyle.  It quickly became a family affair and soon after, the families were gardening and enjoying the fruits of their harvest.  In the summer of 2013, they opened their first small farm stand at the 4029 Tabler Road location.

Today, the Radonovich family continues to deliver on its expertise in all aspects of farming and is excited to announce it’s expansion.  Twin Hills Farm, in collaboration with Natelli Communities, the developers of Villages of Urbana, is selling from their FARM MARKET at 3630Park Mills Road in Frederick.  They offer vegetable and fruit starter

plants, produce from their garden on Tabler Road, eggs, poultry, beef and dairy products, herb gardens and compost; as well as decorative metal works and seasonal items, that include pumpkins, Christmas trees, wreaths and more. Consumers from Villages of Urbana and the surrounding area can purchase directly from the FARM MARKET or purchase a membership to the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program where they can buy a whole or half share from the harvest season.

The Radonovich family is thrilled to be managing the operation of  STONE BARN COMMUNITY GARDENS located at the intersection of Maryland Route 355 and Park Mills Road. Here, a limited number of garden plots are available for rent to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.

2016 CSA
Membership Applications Now Closed

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